Saturday, November 10, 2012

Top five reasons why you need a Las Vegas lawyer

1.     A Las Vegas lawyer knows the sources of law that affect you, which include:
·      Nevada Revised Statutes,
·      Nevada Constitution,
·      US Constitution,
·      Nevada Administrative Code,
·      Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure,
·      Nevada Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules,
·      Nevada Supreme Court Rules,
·      Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure,
·      Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct,
·      Eighth Judicial District Court Rules,
·      Las Vegas Justice Court Rules,
·      Henderson Justice Court Rules,
·      Nevada Supreme Court Opinions,
·      Nevada Ethics Opinions,
·      Las Vegas Municipal Code,
·      North Las Vegas Municipal Code,
·      Henderson Municipal Code, and
·      Clark County Codes. 
Are you aware of all these sources of law, how to interpret them, and how they interplay? If not, you need a Las Vegas attorney.
2.     A Las Vegas attorney know how to investigate your legal issue using resources including the:
·      Nevada Secretary of State,
·      Clark County Assessor,
·      Clark County Recorder,
·      Clark County Business Licensing,
·      Clark County Permitting,
·      Las Vegas Business License,
·      North Las Vegas Business Licensing,
·      Henderson Business Licensing,
·      Municipal Courts,
·      Clark County District Court, and
·      Clark County Justice Court.
Do you know how to investigate issues using these government entities?  If not, a lawyer is very useful.

3.      Las Vegas attorneys typically have a minimum of 20 years of education, most of which they excelled in.  After that, Las Vegas lawyers much complete at least 12 hours of continuing legal education every year.  The bar exam topics on the Nevada bar exam include:
·      Agency and Partnership;
·      Community Property;
·      Conflict of Laws;
·      Constitutional Law;
·      Contracts;
·      Corporations;
·      Criminal Law;
·      Criminal Procedure;
·      Evidence;
·      Domestic Relations;
·      Real Property;
·      Remedies;
·      Torts;
·      Uniform Commercial Code (Articles 2,3 and 9);
·      Wills, Estates and Trusts; and
·      pleadings and practices under both the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
With a Nevada lawyer at your side, you can be sure that you will have someone with minimum competency in many fields.

4.   Many Las Vegas lawyers have seen it all in this town, including every kind of family dynamic, criminal charge, real estate issue, and suffering.

          5.    Objectivity and perspective allow good Las Vegas attorneys to anticipate what a judge or jury may do and will bring this insight to the client's attention so the client can make informed decisions.

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