Monday, September 24, 2012

In Las Vegas how much does a DUI or criminal charge cost?

Those charged with DUI may want to just get it all behind them and plead guilty of the crime as charged.  It is best, however to meet to discuss your case with a DUI attorney in Las Vegas. The true cost of a DUI (or any criminal charge) is not just what it takes to hire the attorney.   The true cost of a DUI is much higher than the cost of legal representation.
First, there are the costs associated with fines, court costs, and bail. In Clark County, the court costs for a simple charge of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not cheap. The fines for a first time DUI are also significant. An alcohol evaluation adds more to the cost and so do DUI impact classes. There is the loss of your driver's license and the costs of reinstating your license.
The major cost of that DUI includes the impact that plea of guilty can have on future employment.  Also, there is the cost of increased SR-22 insurance, payments for  probation, the cost of finding a ride or public transportation to work, and the inconvenience of having to go to a court ordered treatment.  This is all the result of pleading guilty immediately to a Las Vegas DUI.
Therefore, it is in your interest to allow us to take review your case and determine whether there is a defense or room for negotiation (a plea deal). The consultation is free. Let us take the time to explain the system and process the courts use to deal with criminal charges. Then you can make a reasoned decision about how to proceed.
Take an hour and get a professional opinion from a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney before you spend thousands of dollars on all the costs and fines.

Remember, for misdemeanor crimes, you will not get a court appointed public defender.  If you want a criminal defense attorney to represent your interests, you will have to hire one in private practice. 

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