Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Las Vegas drug charge requires legal attention.

As a former prosecutor and defense counsel, Louis Schneider has handled hundreds of drug crimes over the years, from simple misdemeanor possession cases to complex federal drug charges. Louis Schneider knows what will work, what to try, and what to expect.

Our primary objective at Louis C. Schneider and Associates in every Las Vegas drug case is to get you acquitted.   We shall examine the evidence against you and review all issues regarding search and seizure, violation of your individual rights, entrapment, alibi, forensic issues.  If we determine, after  investigating and evaluating your criminal case, that a total acquittal is not possible, we will work hard to reduce your charges and your sentence, and to keep you out of jail if an alternative sentencing program is available to you.


The information about criminal law contained on this page is not intended to be legal advice about family law.  Your criminal law matter should always be evaluated by a criminal law firm.  You should treat criminal law with the seriousness it requires.  Just as you would not likely conduct surgery on yourself, you should not represent yourself in court regarding your criminal law matter.  At the very least, consult with a local criminal law firm.

Remember, for misdemeanor crimes, you will not get a court appointed public defender.  If you want a criminal defense attorney to represent your interests, you will have to hire one in private practice. 

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