Saturday, December 22, 2012

Divorce and Criminal Questions Asked and Answered with Louis Schneider

Some legal information that we offered for free on our last show.

When getting an amicable divorce (also called uncontested divorce) in Las Vegas, even though Nevada is a community property state, the parties can divide up the assets and debts any way they want because of the constitutional right to contract that Nevada takes very seriously, even among spouses.  There are several caveats, however, such as that the agreement should have waivers and full disclosure clauses. When undergoing an uncontested divorce, a Las Vegas family law attorney is recommended.

When someone dies without a will in Nevada, the property is divided according to the intestate succession statutes per stirpes.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington.  What if a person uses it in one of the states that it is legal in and then comes to Nevada and gets injured on the job?  Can the person be fired for having the pot in his system?  If you smoked a joint five days ago, you would still be under the influence according to Las Vegas DUI laws--it would still be in the blood stream.


  1. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.

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  2. Louis, about six years ago you help my boyfriend and I with our case and now we have a family member in California needing some serious help. Which involves going after another attorney etc. Can you help or do you know any criminal attorney's that would be interested. Thank you.

    1. it will defiantly be an interesting case. Lots of attention most likely and it would men life to guy that doesn't deserve to spend his behind bars for something he didn't do. Please help his family spent $42000 he has spent 6 years locked up and his defense attorney could only muster 20 minutes for a defense, I ask you she has 6 years to prepare, REALLY???

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