Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Rehab at The Hard Rock is definitely the best place to be during the Las Vegas summer.  Young, good-looking partiers enjoy the pools, the drinks, and each other at the Hard Rock Rehab.  The police are undercover, though, and they are looking for drugs like ecstasy and marijuana that party goers bring to Rehab.  The police are also looking out for prostitution. Rehab is a pressure cooker of fun and good times and the police are there looking for crime or suspicious behavior.  Cheap thrills can become very expensive. 

You may be at Rehab at the Hard Rock for a bachelor party or bachelorette party, maybe even your honeymoon.  You may even tell yourself, “I’ve never done drugs before,” or “I’ve never solicited before,” but Rehab at the Hard Rock party atmosphere tempts you and you get busted.  You could have been having the best time of your life, too. If you are arrested or cited for any infraction of the law while at Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel, be it drug possession, solicitation, prostitution, assault, battery, resisting arrest, trespass, DUI and you can afford to hire a private Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, you should hire the Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider, which has experience with tourists and locals in trouble at Rehab at the Hard Rock.

Rehab at the Hard Rock is the destination for a cheap, unique Las Vegas experience.  You should have the best time you can, but if something goes wrong, a criminal defense attorney will help. 

Criminal defense attorneys are not just for hardened repeat criminals.  You do not have to be a villain to require the legal help of an experienced criminal law attorney.  You can simply be a good person caught up doing something that someone else believes was against the law, such as having too good of a time at Rehab at the Hard Rock.  And, guess what, it may not have been against the law—but do not argue with your accuser (police or hotel guards).  Hire a Las Vegas lawyer who is trained to argue points of fact and criminal law, hire a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer, especially one who used to be a prosecutor and understands the system and the players, and also, an attorney with experience dealing with situations arising from criminal activity at Rehab at the Hard Rock.

Many criminal judges are elected because they say they are, “Tough on crime,” or “Hard on criminals,”  and locals do not realize that this usually means the judge will be tough or hard on them for even minor mistakes or stupid, one-time experiments.  You need an attorney who understands how the system works so that you have the best shot to free yourself of the accusation or reduce punishment. If you are cheap and want to go with a free public defender, do not expect top notch representation and do not be surprised if you end up with many years of regret.

The Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider will not judge you, we will help you when others do. 

When you say, I need a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, 

Call The Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider at (702) 435-2121 and mention that you saw this blog article.

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