Monday, July 23, 2012

Car Accident Questions in Las Vegas? We have answers...

If you have been injured in a car accident and it is the other driver’s fault, you likely will have a number of questions you want to ask a lawyer.  

Below are common questions with brief answers:

Do I have a lawsuit? This depends on a number of factors: whether you were injured, whether someone else’s caused you to be injured, whether there is insurance or other property to go after, whether the statute of limitations passed. Your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will have to evaluate your potential suits considering all of these factors.

How much do you charge for a consultation? For traffic accident cases, our office charges nothing for consultations.  We understand that following an accident you may not have much money to pay a consultation fee to a lawyer.  Most personal injury lawyers will waive their standard consultation fees because of this.

How are you paid? Like most Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, The Las Office of Louis C. Schneider and Associates only is compensated if we obtain a settlement, or, if your lawsuit goes to trial, a victory at trial. Therefore, your lacks of funds to hire a Las Vegas attorney should not stop you from consulting our personal injury attorney.

How long will my lawsuit take? The length of your case depends on many factors: whether you completed your medical treatment; whether the insurance company (assuming there is one) accepts liability; and whether filing a lawsuit is required. You must hire a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas before the attorney will know if the case will settle quickly or will be litigated for years.
Will I have to go to court? Most lawsuits do settle prior to trial. However, there is always a chance that your lawsuit can go to trial if the parties do not settle.  To maximize your chances of settlement, you should have an aggressive personal injury lawyer who will take it to trial if necessary.
How long do I have to sue? In Nevada, the sstatute of limitations depends on the claims or causes of action, which could include negligence or intentional torts. Every case is different your personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas should be able to analyze the best way to proceed.
If I refuse ambulance transport does that mean I do not have a lawsuit? No. The fact that you were not taken from the scene of your accident by ambulance does not mean you do not have a lawsuit.  It may be important to have your injuries diagnosed by a medical professional as soon as possible after the accident.  Your Las Vegas accident lawyer should be able to assist you with finding  a professional to ensure you are ok.
If I healed from my injuries, can I still make a claim? Yes you can. Even if you have recovered completely, you can still file a lawsuit for the injuries that you suffered in your accident.  The liability and damages of the driver at fault do not vanish simply because you healed yourself.
What is my part in my lawsuit? The Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider and Associate will ensure all the legal aspects of your lawsuit are timely handled. You are responsible for receiving proper medical treatment for your injuries, and not missing your appointments with your doctors and lawyer. If your case is being litigated, you may be required to answer written discovery and attend a deposition, and possibly go to trial.  Your Las Vegas personal injury attorney will shepherd you through your car accident lawsuit.
Your car accident law firm in Las Vegas should be the Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider and Associates, which is located conveniently near the courthouse in Downtown Las Vegas.  Call a Las Vegas personal injury law firm at  (702) 435-2121.


The information about Las Vegas personal injury laws and procedure contained on this page is not intended to be legal advice about personal injury law.  Your personal injury matter should always be evaluated by a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  You should treat your automobile accident with the seriousness it requires and hire an experienced professional accident law firm located in Las Vegas.

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