Thursday, July 12, 2012

What if my spouse refuses to press charges for domestic violence in Las Vegas?

If police are called out to a domestic disturbance in Las Vegas, chances are great that somebody is going to a Las Vegas jail.  This means the best advice is to keep silent and request a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.  The worst thing to do is to try to explain the situation to the police.  Even at your best, most persuasive, you are probably providing incriminating evidence.  

Charged or arrested for domestic violence in Las Vegas?  Call a Las Vegas Criminal Defense law firm at  (702) 435-2121.

Maybe you thought the Vegas police are there just to keep the peace.  Yes, but the job description of the Las Vegas metro police is to arrest and collect evidence for criminal charges. The police are not their to mediate your marital squabbles, that's for a Las Vegas divorce court.  The police come to a Las Vegas domestic violence call looking for evidence to arrest you and help convict you.  Your spouse does not have to press charges against you for you to have criminal domestic violence charges filed.  The district attorney will be pressing the charge, and, the best your spouse can do for you then is to hire an attorney to help you get out of jail and clear your name, if possible.

Tourists to Las Vegas may think that a domestic disturbance will go unnoticed and nothing will happen.  After all, it's Vegas.  

This belief is wrong.  

Tourists are potentially more likely to receive a charge for domestic violence for a number of reasons, including the fact that there are cameras everywhere on the Strip recording everything, especially evidence of your crime. Another reason is that tourists may be inebriated or may think that they can convince the police with their charm.  In fact, a tourist is best advised that speaking to the police is the same as digging himself deeper with every word.  

The more you say, the harder your attorney will have to work, and the larger your legal fee.  Even a great legal counsel will have a difficult time if you confess to the police.  Difficult, but not necessarily impossible.

You will need an attorney to evaluate the evidence and built a strategy to get you the best settlement or judgment you can live with.

Your experienced criminal defense law firm in Las Vegas will fight to secure your release and look for any problems with the government’s legal arguments and procedure.

You need a Las Vegas domestic violence defense attorney who is experienced with charges stemming from a domestic disturbance call.  Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Louis C. Schneider is a former Clark County District Attorney who prosecuted cases in Las Vegas until he opened his own private practice and started working to defense the accused.  Mr. Schneider also represents individuals in Las Vegas family law cases involving child custody and divorce.  Child custody could be the motive behind a domestic violence accusation.

Your criminal defense law firm in Las Vegas should be the Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider and Associates, which is located conveniently near the courthouse and the Clark County Detention Center in Downtown Las Vegas.  Call a Las Vegas Criminal Defense law firm at  (702) 435-2121.


The information about Las Vegas domestic violence criminal charges contained on this page is not intended to be legal advice about criminal law.  Your criminal law matter should always be evaluated by a Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.  You should treat your domestic violence charge with the seriousness it requires and hire an experienced professional criminal defense law firm located in Las Vegas.

When you say, I need a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, call us.

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