Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Las Vegas divorce, Free Advice:

A Las Vegas divorce lawyer will assist you through your divorce proceedings and provide you the best possible representation given the situation. A divorce in Las Vegas is no laughing matter.  It can haunt you across state lines and over many years.  It can affect child custody, jobs options, and many other facets of your life.  In effect, divorce is like death and can be liberating or depressing and it can affect your finances and future happiness.

If you have been served with a divorce in Las Vegas, you should hire a lawyer with experience handling divorce.  Louis C. Schneider, has been representing Las Vegas visitors and residents of Las Vegas for many years and has handled hundreds of family law matters, including divorce cases.

You need a Las Vegas divorce attorney who has experience.  Your attorney will review your chances for obtaining custody of your children, possession of your belongings, alimony, and child support.  Furthermore, a Las Vegas divorce lawyer shall look for weaknesses in your opponent’s case. A Las Vegas divorce attorney will interview witnesses and all evidence you present and the other side discloses.

It is necessary for a Las Vegas divorce attorney to do the above steps in order to negotiate a deal or prepare for a divorce trial (evidentiary hearing).  It is important to treat your divorce aggressively to foster the best settlement possible or to improve success chances at trial.

We offer the below advice free of charge, but it could save you years of grief:

Call the Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider for assistance with your Las Vegas divorce.  Call as soon as possible and speak to no one else about your case except your Las Vegas divorce lawyer.  The more you talk about your divorce or child custody to people, the more potential witnesses there may be against you.  Do not post on Facebook, do not text, do not e-mail, and do not talk until you talk to us.

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