Saturday, July 21, 2012

Las Vegas DUI Lawyer --- Best Advice, Free of Charge

A Las Vegas DUI lawyer will assist you through your criminal proceedings and provide you the best possible defense given the situation. A DUI in Las Vegas is no laughing matter.  It can haunt you across state lines and over many years.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Las Vegas, you should hire a lawyer with experience handling DUIs.  Louis C. Schneider, a former Las Vegas prosecutor, has been defending tourists and residents of Las Vegas for many years and has handled hundreds of criminal cases, including DUIs.

You need a Las Vegas DUI attorney who has experience.  Your attorney will review the police report, the DUI test results, the factors related to your health and automobile, the conditions of the road and weather, and any other details that lead to your arrest for DUI.  Furthermore, a Las Vegas DUI lawyer shall look for procedural defects with the police report, including jurisdictional, legal cause for the stop, and appropriate testing and maintenance of evidence. A Las Vegas DUI attorney will interview witnesses for the defense and the prosecution.

It is necessary for a Las Vegas DUI attorney to do the above steps in order to negotiate a deal or prepare for a DUI trial.  Even if this is only your first offense, it is important to treat your defense aggressively because any future charges could completely devastate your life.

We offer the below advice free of charge, but it could save you years of grief:

Call the Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider for assistance with your Las Vegas DUI charge.  Call as soon as possible and speak to no one else about your case except your Las Vegas DUI lawyer.

When you say, I need a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, call us.

Remember, for misdemeanor crimes, you will not get a court appointed public defender.  If you want a criminal defense attorney to represent your interests, you will have to hire one in private practice. 

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